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About Me

Hello, I'm a hobby HTML5 developer, I'm self learning by using the internet resources (it's great that way!) and I have published some of my creations on my website for you to see and play with (and some are games too!).
I first started coding in school when ever I got free time and created some basic starter projects and got better over time.
I also made some of my projects open-source on Github so you can see how they work. Over time i'm going to make bigger and better projects as I get more skills and experience in this area with HTML, JS, CSS!.

My Projects

My most proud achievement is a game I made during lockdown called "Math Quiz Online" which is a pure html math game made with vanilla code and is great for home learning and in-school. I will do updates in the future when I think of a good idea and keep fixing bugs along the way!

I have also worked on other projects like a dice slots game and its free to play with your 200 starter credits, I have also made a Reddit Composer to help with generating a link to help with template messages