Math Quiz Online

The Story

"Math Quiz Online" is a online math game that I created for school to help with learning and when the lockdown started it was needed more for home student learning but it was use when schools went back!

I originally started the game as a silly little hobby while in school but in the end when it really to go, when the time was I published it to the internet on GitHub and on my website for all to play! But the game development has slowed down because of other things but will take in ideas for when I get back to it, but I do have plans for future updates that will improve the game and all feedback is good!

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About the Game


You have to answer math sums and try to get as far as possible! The game has 5 difficulty levels to make it more fun! Including different math types (add, takeaway and times) Including an end certificate that you can print Safe for schools with no login required to play

How to Play


  • Choose a difficulty level from the main menu
  • Answer the math sum on screen
  • Press "Check my Answer" to see if you got it correct
  • You earn points if you get the right answer
  • Higher difficulty the more points you get
  • Press "clear" to make the input box blank
  • It keeps track of your games plays and scores!

News and Updates

status : Out

Version : 0.4.0


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+1 234 5678 722

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