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Here is where you can find out the answers to important questions about MQO Game and related features

How do you earn points in Math Quiz Online?

You earn points by answering the sums correctly and you get more points based on the difficulty level.

What's Math Quiz Online also known as?

MQO Game is another name for Math Quiz Online.

Is there a score target in Math Quiz Online?

You can choose your target score from the menu from 20 to 100 points as your target.

How do earn points in Math Quiz Online?

You can earn points by simply answering questions and you get more points based on your selection of difficulty on the home screen.

What types of sums are in Math Quiz Online?

The game has multiple types of sums including addition, takeaway and time tables, and the types are based on your difficulty selection.

Does Math Quiz Online give you a certificate?

Yes, you will get an end screen which you can print off and keep.

Who is the creator of Math Quiz Online?

Math Quiz was created by the GitHub user called McJoe21 back in 2020 before and during lockdown, and still is.

How can you contact Math Quiz Online?

Yes, you can ether send a message on the Facebook page or by email on

Is Math Quiz Online safe for schools?

Yes, its a free educational math game - so its fully safe for schools.